The Importance Of Water In The World

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Drinking plain water should become a healthy habit among people in the world
Water is the primary element that existed even before the heavens and the Earth did as mentioned in Al-Quran, Surah Al-Hud, ayah 7, “And it is He who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and his Throne was upon the waters” and from Surah Al-Anbiyaa’ ayah 30 in Al-Quran also mentioned that “We made from water every living thing”. Here we can see that water is very important as the origin of all living things and water is the source of life. Besides, water is the origin of all life on Earth, the substance from which Allah created man which is further explained in surah Al-Furqan, ayah 54, “It is He who have created man from water”. Therefore, it has been proven that as a human being and as a khalifah we need water to sustain our lives as water helps to improve the system in the body.
Water is the main element of all living organisms and all life forms need water in order to survive. The percentage of water in a human body is 71% in an adult and 93% in an embryo that is a few months old. Therefore, there is no living organism that can live completely without water and water should be consumed daily by human being. For instance, based on the research conducted in Africa by World Health Organization, nearly one billion people do not have access to clean and safe water which is equivalent with one out of eight people in the planet. Therefore, insufficient intake of water by African

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