How Does Landfills Cause Water Contamination

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Naturally occurring resources like rocks with iron, manganese and more can dissolve into groundwater, and the organic particles have a high concentration on human’s health. On a better note, some can only cause a bad smell or taste. Landfills can also contaminate water through the decomposition process that can release leachate into the water. These come from industrial and hazardous chemicals. They can only leach into the ground but then contaminate water. Sewers and pipelines can cause water contamination because they can break and then therefore raw sewage with organic matters, like nitrogen, salts, and sometimes viruses. There pipelines could also have oil and chemicals and they could seep into the ground and contaminate the groundwater.…show more content…
Some are highly toxic and they can pollute the ground wtaer because they can leak intothe ground and act in the water.1 E. Coli is a bacteria thst is found in humans and animals, it can pollute water through the contact of big waste area’s such as oshawa’s waste area close to Ritson Road. This can get into your water and without good filtration into what you are drinking. Giardiasis is a infection of the small intestine. It can also contaminate the water through the big areas of waste. Finall a nonpoint source is pollution that is harmful substances that occur from human activity. These oils or other substances get into the lake and make the water cointaminated, this is harmful and can cause sicknesses. 21. Nitrate if you are exposed to nitrate in your drinking water you could condition caused by lack of oxygen in extreme cases it could cause death. It could react with other chemicals causing more sickness. If you consume nitrate then you could just get small stomach flu, but when pregnant, or a baby it could cause much worse because your stomach acids are different.

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