The Importance Of Weather In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Think about the sound of thunder. It's loud and powerful. It can roll with gentle warning from off in the distance or it can erupt suddenly. Either way thunder alerts one that something big is on it’s way. In 1933, a black family living in Mississippi is faced with many challenges. The Logans find pride in the land they own, which makes them an easy target for cruel whites. Throughout this story the weather changes a lot. Often times, thunder and rain means that danger is near. In the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor bad and uncheerful weather symbolizes jeopardy. One example of the weather foreshadowing something bad is when T.J and the Simms, three trouble making boys, show up at the church revival. While the Logans…show more content…
The Logan kids walked T.J home when hearing his story of pain, and while walking back towards their house they end up hiding in the woods and watch T.J and the Avery family get thrown out of their house so the white men can punish T.J for his 'crimes'. Cassie, Christopher-John, and Little Man run back to the house to get their Papa and Mr. Morrison while Stacey stays to make sure T.J doesn't get killed."Thunder crashed against the corners of the world and lightning split the sky as we reached the road, but we did not stop. We dared not. We had to reach Papa." (p. 256) This quote shows the determination that the Logan kids have for helping the Averys. Although the weather tries to stop them, the Logan kids rise above and dash home so they can save T.J from the peril he is in. The author of this book uses weather to give warning of incoming danger and bad emotions. One can see that many characters in this novel are affected by this which proves that you should take caution when strange weather comes upon you. Obviously, the author crafted this novel to show importance of weather to the Logan family, and how it shaped their lives for the

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