The Importance Of Weight Control In Sports

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Weight control in sports is highly challenging, in some cases weight control can be obsessive and sometimes fatal after going through disorders such as Anorexia or Bulimia, it is not an easy process, it needs commitment, persistence and endurance. Health professionals and sport nutritionists need to understand the dynamic energy balance and to be prepared with effective and evidence-based dietary approaches to help athletes and active individuals achieve their body-weight goals. An athlete who is constantly dieting or repeatedly gaining and losing weight may be trying to achieve an unrealistic body weight, which may place them at risk for disordered eating. A sport nutritionist can monitor these athletes to assure they are maintaining healthy eating habits. It also requires that the medical and coaching staff who know and can recognize risk factors for disordered eating when they occur and initiate early intervention. Weight control differs according to the sports that is in demand, for example, Boxing or wrestling, both needs a heavy weight athlete in order to withstand impacts with high physical contact, both are weight dependent sports with athletes aiming for a high muscle mass for protection and strength when competing. On the other hand, in rowing it was always thought the lightweight crews the better, now rules changed concerned with the lightweight-rowing athletes. All athletes must keep in mind that hero worship doesn’t always depend on losing, maintaining or

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