The Importance Of Whales

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What would the ocean be like without whales? One thing that is never thought about when whales are being hunted is how important they are. For humans, to understand the purpose of the whale and going off the information one has learned may be different, understanding the whale may be more complex than thought out to be. There is more to know about whales other than they can be big intimidating creatures. It is important to make sure whales are being protected. When an individual enters in to a different environment they do not think about the potential danger that could be caused. Because whales are important to the food chain and also the marine life ecosystem, individuals should consider saving the whales. Whales are sentinels of the health…show more content…
There is an estimated amount of two hundred and seventy thousand tons of plastic floating in the ocean (Main). When a whale eats plastic it sits in the stomach and eventually clogs the flow of the digestive tract. After the digestive tract becomes blocked the whale is unable to digest any real food. Not only does that threaten many marine animals, it is the main role of rising extinction rates for land animals as well. In 2010 an estimated sixteen sperm whales have been killed from gill nets (Kirby). Gill nets are mile-long nets set up overnight to catch fish. Any sea animal that encounters a gill net typically gets tangled. The purpose of the gill net is to catch the fish by their gills, but not having gills does not ensure the animal’s safety. The act of whaling is when whales are being hunted and then killed. Each year, thousands of whales are being killed from whaling. Several whales across the world are being killed by commercial whaling. Over the past twenty-five years, ten thousand minke whales have been killed. Of the ten thousand minke whales there has been no research or data collected about them. These whales were killed and their meat was sold for human consumption. It is important for individuals to know the importance of whales because they are an important aspect of the…show more content…
Whale hunters kill whales for their blubber which is used for many different products. Whalers throughout history have killed whales for the money, they have had huge economic growth increases in many countries. Blubber from whales turns into many different things that consumers buy like candles, soap, and cooking oils. Whales have long since been killed for their meat. Every year it is estimated that one thousand five hundred whales are being killed in Japan, Norway, and Iceland. Many whales are also killed for research purposes each year. In 2016 Japan killed three hundred and thirty-three whales for research. Whales killed for research are not just used for research, their meat is also able to be sold through a loophole in international rules. Whales are killed and their parts are sold off for many reasons, but to prevent this whales need to be understood
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