Reflection Paper On State Of Grace

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With the knowledge that though God made man and was happy with His work, I have inherited a fallen nature. Steeped in sin and being gripped by self-centeredness have strayed.
In the Bible, we are taught that out of God’s love for us, He sent his son Jesus to be born like us, live like us, die like us and while doing so, paying the price of sin and make peace with God. I look upon sin as a lack or absence of wholeness. There are many adjectives to describe the many virtues that a man can possess, however, like my school motto ‘Imaculatta’ which translates to ‘purity’ but where purity means ‘totality’ or pure in every way, I would like to embrace wholeness as a state of grace. The state of grace may similarly, have many adjectives to describe aspects.
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It is given to us freely and through Jesus Christ. It is immensely individual and tailor-fit to my entire being (past, present and future) and in quite an equal measure, the salvation and healing of Jesus is for the whole world. Since this is a route to wholeness provided for by God, this can be and is the only way.
The chapter teaches us about the varied components of wholeness and how a deficiency in one aspect can affect my entire being and in turn the community. The converse also being true – when my fellow being is lacking in the wholeness as described, it does and must affect me. I must relate salvation and healing as a medium for growth, recognising, expressing and subjugating its obstacles and progressing in this way relentlessly. At the same time, recognising evidence of wholeness, develop a yearning for such a state and pursuing it single-mindedly.
It is as described above, imperative to facilitate the same for

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