The Importance Of Wind Power

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Wind is a very powerful source of energy that has being used for thousands of years. The world has being using wind power since the Egyptian’s used wind to propel their boats on the river Nile in 5000 B.C.
“In 5000 B.C., the Egyptians used saris made of bundled reeds to propel their boats up and down the Nile, and later to fan out across the Mediterranean.” (J vogel, 2005).
It has been a big part of history and things would have been much different if not for this technology. Like all technology it develops and becomes greater. Today about 7000 years later it is powering roughly 179 GW of the world’s power (2010), and it continues to grow annually.
Market development
Wind power has a huge market growth because wind power does not produce any emissions and it is a good alternative to the conventional methods of energy such as oil, natural gas and coal. At the moment onshore wind farms generate the majority of wind power. This will soon be coming to an end as the impacts of the onshore turbines causes such as visual pollution, noise pollution and lack of inexpensive land. It is known that winds blow at higher speeds off the coast rather than on land, making offshore turbines more productive. There is a prediction of huge increase for offshore windfarms during the next 20 years. (A Foley 2014)

Fig 1(A Foley 2014)
Figure 1 shows the 2013 wind generating capacity of the world. It can be seen that the UK is generating over 50% of the world’s offshore wind power.

The main
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