The Importance Of Wireless Communication

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INTRODUCTION Wireless Network plays an important role in transmission of data and communication based on information between users. Wireless communication is a type of data communication that performed and delivers wirelessly. It incorporates all procedures and forms for connection and communication between two or more devices using wireless signal through wireless communication technology and devices. It works through electromagnetic signals that are broadcast by an enabled device with air, and without need of physical environment. Electromagnetic signals creating bridge between the sender and receiver. Wireless technology has different forms, delivery methods and different technologies such as, wireless network communication, mobile communication, infrared communication, satellite Communication and Bluetooth communication. Although, the above mentioned communication technologies have different underlying architecture, they have all wireless or physical connection between their respective devices to initiate and execute communication. Wireless communication can be classified into several generations that can be as follows • First Generation (1G) – Voice service using analog protocol • Second Generation (2G) – SMS /Data using Digital standards • Third Generation (3G) – Utilizing Internet / Multimedia • Forth Generation (4G) – High capacity Multimedia • Fifth Generation (5G) – wireless world wide web 1G wireless mobile communication networks was analog
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