Comparing Wisdom In Siddartha And I Am Malala

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The author Paul Coehlo once wrote in his book “Veronica decides to die,” “People never learn anything from being told, they have to find out for themselves.” (Coehlo). This idea has been the singular focus of writers and philosophers over many generations. From the stories of Buddha’s enlightenment to arguments in today 's’ political sphere, the contrast of thought on knowledge and wisdom has been a source of argument in the “thinking man’s world.” Knowledge is widely understood to be what one can look at or examine. Wisdom is obtained through different learning experiences in one’s life. In delving into the works of Siddartha and I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, as well as examples of learning experiences in my own life story, it will be proven…show more content…
In the book, Malala realizes, “We realize the importance of the voices only when we are silenced.” (Malala 57) Malala says that only one can realize what power truly is when it is taken from them. She gained her true wisdom when life was at its worst for her. She was living through insane Taliban rule in Pakistan. She grew up because she had to, if she didn’t learn through her tough experiences, the Taliban would have done worse things than just shoot her. She had to guide herself through the rough times; she learned her limits. Through these limits, she became a brilliant and independent woman in the place where it is hardest to do so. During the wartime in the middle east, Malala encouraged education over war, “instead of focusing eradicating terrorism through war, he should focus on eradicating it through education.” (Malala 68) She could quickly succumb to the pressures to fight an oppressive regime with violence, but Malala shows that not following the natural path can lead one to wisdom. Her wisdom lets the idea of education move others along in their lives and move toward their enlightenment. She helped change the world after getting through a very tough situation. The wisdom she realized was helping others get through tough situations similar to her life. Malala proves that wisdom cannot be found in a traditional path, only through a path purely
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