The Importance Of Womanhood In Walt Disney

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Walt Disney has been and continues to be one of the most dominant media production companies throughout the world. Walt Disney provides a variety of media ranging from radio, to televisions shows and even animated films. Moreover, the animated films such as fairy tales has been dominating the media since 1937 beginning with Snow White and the seven Dwarfs. Even in the present day these classic princess film remain a favorite throughout many generations. Snow White, which was originally based on a Grimm’s’ Brothers tale but then turned into a fairytale by Walt Disney. The Disney tale depicts a young beautiful lady who flees to the forest in order to hide from her step mother who wants snow white dead because she wants to be the most beautiful of the land “fairest of them all (Cottrell, Hand and Jackson )”. When fleeing to the forest she meets seven dwarves and finds her true love, the prince. Throughout, the movie Disney portrays their definition of womanhood which would be dependent, helpless, gentle, kind, and most importantly beautiful. This reflection of womanhood has not only been depicted in Disney movies but has been a tradition of society for many years; however, this definition of womanhood can become very problematic when it has such a lasting influence on younger children who look up to these princesses as role models.
Firstly, gender roles are mainly seen as “a set of behaviors that are placed upon a certain gender due to many cultural aspects (Sawyer)”.
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