The Importance Of Women In Islam

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Sadly, in recent years, Islam has been associated with many negative connotations. The myths and rumors about Muslims labeled innocent women and men as oppressed because of their religion, but in fact, that is false. Although many women are subjugated to torture and unfair treatment in Islamic countries, it’s because of the male-dominated government, not their beliefs. Islam frees women of these and gives them hope for change in the future, it supplies them with the courage to fight for what they believe in so that future generations could be proud with changing these laws and rules put in place. Refusing to back down when things get rough shows how strong and valiant these women are, and especially in central Asia where protests and movements affected the laws and changed societal views on women.

Women’s Advocacy
From 1886 to 1917, Muslim communities began to talk about quickly spreading ideas regarding women’s roles in society. By this time, there were all women groups that were mainly populated by rich women. One of these groups, the first All-India Muslim Ladies Conference, rejected a resolution against polygamy. Additionally, they worked actively for educational and medical facilities for women. These women eventually joined the Muslim League. An aspiring testimony from Feminism and the Women’s Movement in Pakistan speaks upon the inclusion of women into politics. A mother of two resistance fighters, Bi Amma, spoke at an all-male political meeting and lifted her

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