The Importance Of Women's Equality In The United States

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Imagine living in a place with a population of over 3 million people. Within this many people there are many races, religions, and cultures, of course gender is one of the many issues in the United States of America (US). Many women struggle with having a good job and many people don’t take women serious because of their gender. However what makes people not take women serious, is it that they are more sensitive or that they are just different. Even with difference between man and women, we are all equal and no one was created higher than any other. Over the pass decades we all see the world in our own perspective. Just like men see the world different than a women because many women are treated unfair. Women 's equality has improved way more then someone living in the 1950’s because according to an article it states that “In the US, for the first time, in 2011, women made up slightly more than half the workforce.” (Global Development, Zed Books). This shows that women did get more than half of the workforce then before, showing that the equality of women has improved. Many people would agree that because there were more issues in the past that there had to be more leaders. However, it’s not like in present day people are not suffering, such as the equality of women. As an upcoming citizen to our nation we all need to fight for what’s right. My role in this generation is to never give up on what I think that…show more content…
Many women had dealt with this for decades and thankfully it has been changing over the past years. Even though many has been struggling with this issue they were eventually able to have half of the workforce. Moreover as being a teenage girl living the the US, I understand how important it is to to have equal rights, especially because it can affect my children and grandchildren. This is how important equality of women is to me and to many other women in the nation
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