Curtin's Influence On American Women

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Men and women of the past have fought through numerous trials in order to gain freedom for those living today. However, women have continuously been looked over despite the fact that they are imaginative, creative, and possess unlimited potential. While many have donated their efforts to women’s freedom, famous women such as Angelina Grimke, Annie Smith Peck, Bobbie Rosenfeld, Marilyn Monroe, Marian Anderson, and Eleanor Roosevelt, have made significant contributions. While men were leading the industry and everything around it, women rose and fought prejudices during the 1930s and beyond. Women all around have inspired millions, the fight started centuries ago with slavery, women’s rights, and religion. Not only did white women have struggles…show more content…
“The 1928 Olympics marked the first time women were allowed to compete in track in field [...]. Coubertin [man who started the Olympics in 1896] believed women’s sports were against ‘Law of Nature’” (Dublin 44). Coubertin’s views were not acceptable then and are not acceptable now. This day and age has brought out so many leading female spots in sports and more, Coubertin was very wrong. “By 1924, women were already competing in swimming, diving, golf, tennis, fencing, sailing, and archery at the Summer Olympics held in Paris” (Dublin 46). With this women were showing their skills to thousands of people, and proving many stereotypes wrong about women and sports. In the 100 meter race at the 1928 Olympics, Bobbie Rosenfeld from Canada and Betty Robinson from United States went head to head, “And when the tape broke, the race was so close it was hard to tell who had come first-Bobbie or Betty” (Dublin 66). Bobbie and Betty were great competition to the track, the win is still debated today because of how close it was. “Though Bobbie could no longer play the rugged spots she loved, she continued to support women in athletics, She fought against sexism in sports her whole life [...]” (Dublin 106). Sports bring out a competitive side in all who play, Bobbie’s came out not only in sports but in helping in fighting against sexism and more. Sports, now anyone’s game,…show more content…
“Marian Anderson [...] one of this country’s most successful classical singers” (Teachout 1). With a rough background, she rose above and became very famous because of her newly found their voice. “Anderson a world-famous symbol of black aspiration and achievement” (Teachout 1). Marian was a leading inspiration to all young blacks and whites of her time. Marian was born into a poor family, she started singing in church. She quickly was discovered and became very famous, which led her to being the first black singer to perform with New York’s Metropolitan Opera and very first American-born classical singer (Teachout 1-2). Even though she came from a turbulent background, she came back and led a successful life in her singing career. The color of your skin does not define you, Marian Anderson made sure that others knew that, by breaking the bonds of black history in
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