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1970-1980 Egalitarianism, feminism, the push for equality. These are things that exist in the modern day in order to ensure women’s rights. Though, even with the existence of these movements women still do not have equal rights. This problem was exacerbated throughout the late 20th century, as women were almost completely disregarded in society when viewed in relation to men. However, there was one young girl, that was substantially better than a man at most things. Her life's story was yet to unfold, and it would be one adventurous story. Black, sleek hair, neatly coiffed to reveal a warm, chiseled face. Dancing hazel eyes, set sunken within her sockets. Her smooth skin charmingly compliments her nose and leaves a gracious memory of her in your mind. This is the face of Cecelia Murphy, a true idealist among the uninspired general public. There's something extraordinary about her, perhaps it’s the way she just seems to stand out, or maybe it’s simply her kindness. Nevertheless, people tend to take pride in knowing her. Cecilia was…show more content…
Michael was one of the worst people Cecelia had ever come across. Michael constantly, without fail managed to frustrate Cecelia by calling her a variety of demeaning and as we know now, sexist terms. Yet, there were no repercussions for Michaels actions, as this was allowed in the workplace at the time. Cecelia, with her strong sense of rights and wrongs, took offence to this and vowed to get this changed. She wanted Michael to face the consequences of his actions, and rallied with her women's movement group and they pushed for an equal workplace bill and they got it. With a year of protesting and doing there best to receive their well deserved equality, they got what they were after with the Sex Discrimination Act. This act is fundamentally crucial developments in Canadian history, as this act made it illegal to discriminate against women in work, education and

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