The Importance Of Women's Rights In The Workplace

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A woman is getting ready to ask for a raise. She's had to start from the bottom as just a secretary and has made her way to the top on her own and now is the vice president of the company. Before heading to her bosses office, John has always known for turning all his projects late, walks in before she does. She can but help overhear their conversation. Overall she hears John asking for a raise, she doesn't get to hear why he wants it so she waits.What seems like forever the door opens and you go in. She tells her boss how she's had to work her way up on her own with long nights, having to put the family on hold and how she's always bringing in new clients and complete dedication to the company. He takes a long pause and ask “ you have a husband right?” and she, of course, answers with a yes he continues in with “well then i don't think you need to worry about getting a raise, I think it's best for you to worry about your husband bringing in the bacon am i right?” and laughs with a chuckle. She walks out with disappointment with a feeling a…show more content…
This issue of women's rights in the workplace has gotten more and more recognized as woman start to speak up. In many countries around the world, women tend to make less than men and are usually offered these stereotypical jobs as a secretary, maid, nanny, nurse, teacher, librarian etc because this is what men think women are cable of. Although not every woman has these jobs some do have the great chance to have a job in the workplace that's higher in payment that those jobs offer. But men do still make more money than women. “In many industries, female workers are systematically denied their rights to regular pay and regular working hours; equal pay for equal work; permanent contracts; safe and non-hazardous work environments; and freedom of association” ( IRLF). It's clear that women don't get the chance of having a fair pay and usually get

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