The Importance Of Word Reflection

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These days, many study researches prove the power of words and the direct influence on our DNA and its molecular structure. Every word has its energy, vibration and affect our body health in mental and physical level. Therefore, what words we use, such a character we have, such a life we live. Only our decision to adjust our active speech to be in a positive level and use positive words, will change our being and life. It sounds as a cliche, but is very simple to try it. Day by day, our body send and receive energy and vibrations through the universal body language, that consists of exchanging words, tones and gestures. So, as important are the words, as the intonation is, and all the signals, that are in our communication, for our health and self-confidence. Let 's continue with the topic today, that word reflection and the body reaction to it. Everybody likes to talk with happy and positive people, but in our fast lifetime, it seems many people have the habit to grumble and curse and they do not think about the results, that the body 's answer is an unhealthy condition and diseases. There are proven results from mumbling and murmuring, that cause DNA mutation, then unhealthy conditions. The people that have a habit to use rude and blatant words every day, are with broken and bend chromosomes, changed genes ' places and the result begins with DNA producing of unnatural programs, then gradually transmitted a message of self-destruction to the body and to heredity

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