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Word wall is a meaningful approach to teach vocabulary because it focuses on student’s active participation in the class as well as on their thinking skills (Jennifer, 2004). Word wall supports independent work of the students as they can use the words from the wall independently in their speech as well as in their writing (Judith, 2003).
Word wall is an effective approach to improve students writing skills (Kurniasih & Arifin 2015). Further, they state that students paid more attention, actively participated and were more interested in learning process. Research was conducted in order to improve students vocabulary by using word wall. It was found that students enjoyed the class and actively participated in the learning process. Word wall
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It is shown through the results of research studies that flashcards create positive effects in language learning. Although they are criticized by many researchers for emphasizing memorization over comprehension (McCullough, 1995) and according to other researchers flashcards can be used as a device to create interesting environment and fun in the classrooms (Nicholson, 1998).
Some advantages of using flashcards in language teaching are also discussed by Haycraft (1978) for example, they are effective to be used at any level, anywhere and anytime. Flashcards can be used to enhance vocabulary because they are eye-catching and motivating. Flashcards are inexpensive and they also create link between first language and target language.
Storytelling is a strategy through which children learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures. It provides them opportunity to use already known vocabulary in a meaningful context. It is a motivating activity through which teachers attract attention of the students towards learning new vocabulary. Since children enjoy listening to the stories in their mother tongue, storytelling is an ideal introduction to foreign languages as it provides them a familiar
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It attracts attention of the children and they actively understand the story, in this way they learn new vocabulary in a direct way without any translation into their first language. Moreover, it is useful because children can understand the new vocabulary without any translations into their mother tongue. Halliwell (1994) states through storytelling teachers can make the children learn and interpret new vocabulary with the help of voice tone and body

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