The Importance Of Work And Family Life In My Country

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1. All of the criteria; work, study and family life, are very important in my society. The balance of the three; family, work and study, contributes to the well-being and healthy of every individuals in my country. Work is important in promoting the welfare and safety of my country. It makes significant contribution to the economic and social development of the country and makes the country stronger. Work encouraged participation of civil rights for every individual and reduced the level of public spending.
Family life also plays a vital role in my community and much in my country. A perfect family has more important influence in bringing up decent society. Right from the first moment of our life, our families are the first teachers. They teach us both social and academic responsibilities. Parents have to work in collaboratively with teachers in schools in order to bring out best in their children. They serve as our role models to experience world around us. They provide support and protect us during the time of challenges. Therefore, in my country, each and every family constitutes to the governments and serves as main element of the development of the country.
Given an opportunity to study is one of the best legacies my country renders to its citizens. My country believes that education is a basic human right that should be accorded to every mankind. In this case, being allow to study has improves the national development of my country. It gives the educated ones to
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