The Importance Of Workflow In The Workplace

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Background: A flaming topic in today’s highly scrutinized business world is the working individual’s “ability” or “inability” to unwind physically and mentally after work. High volume workload and increased job responsibilities are some of the determinants which according to research affect the individual’s ability to unwind from workplace issues during their leisure time. According to John Izzo (2001), today employees deal with even more pressure in the workplace than ever before: “The business climate has become so fiery and competitive that leaders are focused on competition and getting the most out of their people. Everyone’s working to their max”. In fact, difficulty to switch off after work inhibits both psychological and physiological…show more content…
Having in mind that nowadays the stakes for any business are higher than ever, it should come as no surprise that demands and responsibilities related to work have increased while people are presented with a higher volume workload, more deadlines and hence more pressure. However, living in a high uncertainty avoidance country such as Cyprus, the individual’s need for stability and therefore job security is a critical factor especially during the economic recession, with individuals being much more focused on their work. By administering this survey, the team will have access to data, the interpretation of which will form the basis for further research with the aim to provide individuals suffering from working burnout with constructive solutions and tips helping them unwind from work related issues both mentally and physically. Research Questions: Taking the above into consideration, through this survey we are going to examine the relationship between having a key position or positions with high level of responsibility in a company, business ownership, positive working environment, type of work with one’s ability to “switch off” after work. Thus, we want to examine how all these parameters influence the active workforce in switching off after work. More specifically, we are going to examine…show more content…
The results of this survey will be used in a research regarding the work life balance. Estimated time for completion: 5-8 minutes. All received information will be handled with utter confidentiality and will be used for research purposes only. For any additional information or clarification or in case you are interested in learning the results of the survey please do not hesitate to contact the research team through Thank you for your

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