The Importance Of Work Experience In High School Students

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Have you ever imagined the world with students reigning over the industry? Would you expect the intelligence of us young high schoolers to match the adults of today? Work Experience: Filled with passion and excitement, we set out to companies that we appealed for, only to be cast aside, and to do what us ‘millenials’ are to do — scroll through countless feeds, texting,…… Most of us only sought frustration when companies let us be like bunches of insolent brats we are perceived as in society. This is why work experience shouldn’t get expectations high in the sky, since as students, we ‘lack conviction, endurance and knowledge’. We are perceived as useless to the company as an asset, and this is why students are too unprepared to be entitled to the full experience of the true reality of ‘work’. Today, I’m portraying evidence of how the school and its pupils are affected negatively from this operation, why most managements do not have the preparations for the arrival of our young interns, and why high school students are unprepared for this great opportunity. To start it off, let’s have some statistics. One whole week contains at least 30 hours of class, that’s 30 hours of lesson time, gone. Thrown away for a whole week of idle internet posts and memes, which is a bad idea because we, the precious Year 10s, are having their IGCSE exams which require 2 years to cover next year. Let’s not forget a crucial point on this topic — the search. We go, “Hey Mom, Dad? Can you fetch me
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