The Importance Of Work Experience

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Have you ever wanted the opportunity to gain, develop and improve your essential skills? Perhaps in an environment outside of school that gives you the chance to try new things and possibly discover a hidden passion? Nowadays, our generation seems to lack the one thing that appeals to most employers- experience! They seek and crave for those who are experienced or at the least, familiar with the nature of their job. However, if many hopeful candidates all share a lack of experience, who’s to say that you stand a better chance? No one! Imagine how disappointed you would be if you’ve spent years securing your spot and someone just swoops in and snatches it all away in a split-second… everything you worked for would be gone! That is why, work…show more content…
The most prominent qualities you can gain are ones that come naturally to many, so what do you do with the set of soft skills you have that distinguishes you from others? Is it the way you use them and present them? Many easily gain the ability to work in a team, the potential to communicate extremely well and the means to easily make themselves aware of unusual circumstances and change it to something familiar. The way you use them and present them can set you apart. Work experience also equips you firmly with knowledge that will compliment your job applications and interviews, it teaches you how to answer questions in a way that impresses them and how to exit the room with a confident feeling overwhelming you- just because you know you’ve already secured the job! It also gives you a chance to apply the skills learned and make use of them- almost seeing this week as a ‘test run’ for you, so when the real deal comes, you are prepared and ready to go. Last but not least, it’s a time for you to act and behave like an adult in the real world- deal with real life matters and struggles that adults face! You have to learn how to be independent and self-governing so when reality comes knocking on your door, it isn’t a slap in your face, rather a blessing in
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