The Importance Of Work

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According to Norizan (2012) claimed that normative commitment develops because of the “psychological contract” between an organisation and the employee. It increases when the individual feels responsible to work for the benefits offered and by being loyal to his or her employer. Up to the point that even when are pressured by others to leave the organisation, they still feel strongly about working in the organisation. Further, Mohamad Zaid, Farah and Yahya (2014), normative commitment refer to emotion of responsibility to continue employment in an organisation. Those employee that have strong normative commitment, they still stay work with organisation because they feel responsible towards organisation. The feeling of commitment was influence…show more content…
In this modern era, teachers need to carry out many assignments with teaching workload, research, and other activities that work pressures are putting negative impact on their professional and personal life. Good work-life balance will affect their productivity in workplace as well as personal life and family. This is because workplace environment play important role to determine the quality of work –life balance. (Punia & Kamboj,…show more content…
The consequences were as follows; diminished job satisfaction, poorer performance and productivity, lower the organisational commitment, inferior career ambition and success, increase absenteeism and intention to leave, employee burnout, job stress, poorer physiological and psychological health and reduced performance in personal life and family. In contrast, work-life balance and employees perception toward well-being is important to organisational growth and effectiveness. The authors also mentioned three dimension of work-life balance. The dimensions of work-life balance are Work interference with personal life (WIPL), Personal life interference with work (PLIW) and Work/Personal life enhancement (WPLE) (Shobitha Poulose &Sudarsan N, 2014).
Dolly (2015) cited from article written by Fisher, mention that work-life balance is a multidimensional construct and its various aspects such as work interfering with personal life (WIPL), work-personal life enhancement (WPLE), and personal life interference with work (PLIW) are closer in terms of work-family conflict. However, work-personal life enhancement (WPLE) can improve satisfaction and work among workers. In conclusion, family and work are interdependent domains. Therefore, the problems that occur in a family can affect work or vice versa.

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