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Working in Law enforcement is not like any other job out there. Now some people can argue with that and say well what about the military? They learn similar things but they don’t protect people back home. That’s what sets law enforcement apart. They are required to do more interacting with people in the community. Law enforcement officers deserve more when it comes to the job they do, bad police officers are bad representation of police in general, and Americas violence problem i9s not getting better it is actually getting worse.
The people who work in law enforcement should deserve more respect than what they are getting. For the past couple of years police officers have been a hot topic for the past couple of years. I think that they should
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Police officers have the unique ability to be a role model and make an impact in their community. “Despite some recent negative media coverage, police officers go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. They devote their lives to the communities they serve.” I’ve seen this first hand, back in high school I was in my local police explorers and didn’t just learn what they have been taught but I also became friends with the police officers in my post. In my post, we did a lot of volunteering events and at these events we would help people set up or give directions and just give people a hand in anything they needed. It wasn’t just the explorers that were helping but even the officers would assist people and take the time out of the job they are already doing to help people. Another example of this is when a girl who lost her father who was a police officer, she had a father daughter dance and the officers from the same department escorted her to the dance and even stayed and danced with her to show that she has support around her even in the difficult times. Another good example is a girl in California got her bike stolen. An officer reached out and bought the girl a new bike and even stayed and taught her how to ride her bike. There are tons of more story’s like these out there but when it comes to the media most of the time it involves…show more content…
Not only is this a really bad thing but it does not make police officers jobs easier. With this increasing, it leads to officers waking up for work and when they leave it could possibly be the last time they see their family. Now if we look at the numbers in 2014 us residents committed more than 14,000 murders and also including 1.15 million other violent crimes as well. With the increase of these numbers it makes being a police officer one of the most dangerous jobs out there. One of the things that make being a police officer in the situation where violence is occurring more is the fact that so many people in America have guns. If you compare the amount of people who own guns in America to other countries, it is astonishing how many more people own guns in America i9n any other country in the world. Result of this officers have to assume that someone e somewhere has a gun on them and must be ready

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