The Importance Of Work In Law Enforcement

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Working in Law enforcement is not like any other job out there. Now some people can argue with that and say well what about the military? They learn similar things but they don’t protect people back home. That’s what sets law enforcement apart. They are required to do more interacting with people in the community. Law enforcement officers deserve more when it comes to the job they do, bad police officers are bad representation of police in general, and Americas violence problem i9s not getting better it is actually getting worse.
The people who work in law enforcement should deserve more respect than what they are getting. For the past couple of years police officers have been a hot topic for the past couple of years. I think that they should be show a little more gratitude for what they do. The job thy have is not easy. Police officers have to deal with a lot of things most people wouldn’t be able to handle, like for example if there is a domestic dispute you have to be able to control the situation. They have to get both parties to settle down tell their side of the story and come to a compromise and if they have to they will arrest someone depending on the situation.
There is a list full of other things that they have to do. My point is that police is a necessary in our community’s. Without them there would be chaos. There would be people committing crimes and nobody would be there to stop them. In the past few years Law enforcement have been heavily scrutinized in the

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