The Importance Of Work Life Balance

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Work life balance is a combination of proper balance between work and personal life .most organizations are focused to how to improve the work life balance among employees. Because the secret of successusful organizations is best efficient employees. Work life balance is increasing the employee’s productivity. So this is automatically help to increase the business outcomes. The benefits of work life balance is reduced stress levels, at work and at home, greater focus and absorption, higher levels of job satisfaction, the chance to participate more fully in family and social life, more time to follow individual goals and hobbies, Improved physical condition.
Every organization recognized a number of policies and procedures for improve the employee’s efficiency and also handle their personal problems. The reason is many researchers say that there is connection between work and personal life. If work and personal life is not balanced its leads to such conflicts. Work and personal life is essential part of women’s life .to maintain personal and work life is not a simple task. Today every organization is realized the importance of work life balance because of that they are following such policies and procedures. it is help to Increase the employees happiness and satisfaction It is leads to positive impact of their employees productivity. Today everything was changed .the concept of Work life balance is progressed .everything and also nuclear family is increasing, both the parents
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