Work Life Balance: A Case Study

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Therefore, in order to try to overcome this matter, there is a need to understand the fundamentals behind the concept of work life balance and the factors that are affecting it. The inability to understand and take charge of this matter may lead to job dissatisfaction and high turnover (Smith & Gardner, 2007). Other possible implications that may arise from the stress caused by the lack of work life balance are employees may suffer from a deterioration of performance at the workplace and also health issues, which can bring numerous negative effects to the organization (den Dulk & Groeneveld, 2012). We can say that the degree of work life balance is vital for a person’s psychological well-being and that high self-esteem, satisfaction, and overall…show more content…
Factors from all categories are then taken into consideration in formulating a questionnaire that will result in the recognition of the degree of impact that these factors have on the quality of work life balance among the respondents. Based on the findings, recommendation will be made to the policy makers at the state level so that if deemed necessary, further actions and considerations can be taken to improve the quality of work-life balance among the…show more content…
Currently there are 13 District Land Offices (including land offices from the three smaller districts of Labis, Rengit and Pengerang). As officers that are serving at various districts, their services are not only required during office hours on weekdays, but extending to after working hours and also sometimes during weekends involving various state and federal matters. Therefore their working hours are considerably longer as compared to their counterparts who are stationed at the headquarters for the State of Johore located at Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya. This situation may result in several scenarios in relations to work life balance and will be discussed later on. Currently, there are limited number of studies being done on work life balance among the public sector at Malaysia, especially involving the civil servants from the State of Johore. Therefore, this study will serve to gather useful and insightful information on the field of work life balance involving the civil servants from the State of

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