The Importance Of Workforce Planning

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Human resource management refers to the management of people inside the organization. The basic role of the HRM is to design the benefits of the employee, recruiting and retaining employees, providing training and development and rewarding. And as a part from the human resource management activities, there is the workforce planning. Workforce planning gives the framework for shaping the staffing decisions based on the company’s mission, strategic plan and the economic resources.

Question 1:
Workforce planning is a function of HR management and it’s a process of identifying and analyzing the needs of an organization in the terms of the type, size, efficiency and quality of workforce to achieve its specific objectives. This type of planning specifies what knowledge, experience and skills are required and it leads the company to get the right number of suitable people at the right time (Tony Miller, 2014).
Workforce planning is made to inform the company about all current transition and the future effect of the internal and external environment of the organization. This process should be done in every workplace to smooth out business cycles by making sure that the organization can meet all the production goals by hiring the right quantity of people. Furthermore, by making the process of workforce planning, the product development speed will highly increase in view of the fact that the company has the people with the right skills to take the

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