The Importance Of Working Memory

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Working memory of humans is one of the most important functions in the human psyche. It allows one to activate and encode a set of mental images for further manipulation and processing within a short period of time (Carruthers, 2013). Working memory is essential for assuming the challenges of the daily lifestyle as well as academic tasks namely reading or arithmetic activities. Therefore, working memory is important for cognitive and academic development throughout childhood. Current studies have shown that working memory in patients diagnosed with developmental absence of the corpus callosum, is highly affected and shows it through different domains such as intellectual functioning and academic functioning. The most extreme form of developmental malformation of the corpus callosum is agenesis (Paul, 2007). Agenesis of the corpus callosum (AgCC), which includes not only partial but complete absence of the callosal (Paul, 2011) occurs due to the disruption of the early stages of the fetal callosal development. This abnormality can be diagnosed in the current ages as visualized through the advanced methods of neuroimaging, MRI or CT scan. Due to the improvement of neuroimaging, it provides the probability to detect more recurrent cases of callosal damage. It has been proven in past research that callosal disorders are more common in males rather than in females. Children and adolescents with agenesis conditions experience motor impairments such as hypotonia, cerebral palsy

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