Working Mothers: A Case Study

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In this era of modernization, working mothers is more and more common. As we all know everything has pros and cons. It may have positive and negative implication. “Mother”, this word it’s easy to say but it's difficult to do. The decision to stay at home or working is the most difficult decision they will make. For many mothers, balancing their job and caring their child is not easy. Today’s society, working mothers is very common. The female labor participation rate in Malaysia was 52.4% in 2013, which means, for every 100 women, 52 were in the labor force. ( Bernama, 2014) . But this scenario is good or bad for children? How does a mother choose between a career and family? As I write out before, everything has advantage and
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Children cannot live without mother during infancy. The mother child relationship is probably the strongest relationship in a child’s early life and it will become the template on which later relationships are based. (Morrisey, 2017). It is not conducive to the physical and mental development for children. They maybe will think that their mother is not caring, not take care of them and lack of love from mother. Besides, it will affect the mother-child relationship and causing the child is unfamiliar with mother. Sometimes, child of working mother will feeling helpless when something bad is occurring. Working mothers does not have much time to communicate with their child and also understand their child. To reduce this problem, mother has to sacrifice their some time for working to accompany their child so those mothers have the opportunities to see their child…show more content…
If this situation occurs often, it may build aggressive child. When their child is doing something wrong, mother cannot guide their child immediately. Working mother will try their best to making their child happy to make up for the time that they did not stay together with their child even when their child is doing wrong. To reduce this problem, as parents is the first teacher of a child, especially the mother. They should correct their child behavior when doing wrong, if not, barriers may easily be created.
In a nutshell, women can be good mothers regardless of whether they stay at home or work outside. Working or non-working mother are place in a high value on their families. In a past traditional family, father was responsible for all expenses of whole family and mother was responsible to take care of children. But now the society has changed and woman has also taken in responsible to help their husband earn money. The answer of this question is not going same to everyone and it is a personal choice for a mother and family. All mothers are trying to do the best for their
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