Coca-Cola Workplace Issues

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This report is research about the Coca-Cola Company’s workplace issues and how to resolve each issues, as well as the importance of understanding of workplace right. In the Coca-Cola Company have exist three issues in workplace place. The first issue is that we have found is racial discrimination against black employees in pay, promotions and performance evaluations. The second issue that we found from Coca-Cola is human rights violation in Colombia that used death squads to terrorize workers and prevent the organization of unions. The last issue is Coca-Cola China there had a case of violence in labor subcontracting system. In Conclusion, Coca-Cola Company settle the racial discrimination case not only by monetary compensation
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Human rights is that each and every one of us, no matter who you are or where we are born is entitled to the same basic freedoms and rights. Human rights is universal and inalienable. Besides, human rights are not privileges, so it cannot be revoked and granted. There are several types of international recognized human rights such as civil, political, social, cultural, employee rights and so on.
Today in the era of globalization, employee workplace rights in the workplace are emphasized important. People nowadays spend most of their waking hours either going to work, working or coming home from work. Undeniable, everyone having a job or work is just a blessing in a troubled economy. Nevertheless, despite the importance of having stable job, it is equally vital for organization employers to obey and respect the rights of their employees in the workplace, especially those rights guaranteed under the
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(Staff, 2017). The bottles design with special logo and brand image internationally recognize. In 2009, the Coca-Cola organized the one campaign called “ Open Happiness” to invited and attracted around billions of customers in the world, this campaign organized in order to connected happiness with the health, that resulted to promote the reputation of the Coca-Cola brand. Moreover, the company also launched many campaign and program such as “Live Positively”, “Taste the Feeling” and so on. (Atlanta, 2017).
Today, Coca-Cola Company are operating around 125 years with around 139,600 employees. Moreover, Coca-Cola Company developing and expanding the company successful with selling 1.6 billion beverages in 200 countries in every days. According to the analysis show the gallon sales gain in every year will distributed throughout the world. (Atlanta, 2017). Moreover, the Coca-Cola efficiency and effectively to expand as the ubiquitous brand in the
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