Workplace Stress At Work

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Over the last years, organizations have observed vast changes in society and especially in the workplace. Scientist believes that the problem of workplace stress has developed in many countries, and research has helped in establishing the connection between stress and ill health and job stressors and strain outcomes. Occupational stress has been formed and adapted by effective and dominant cultural, political, social and economic forces in which jobs happen and in which individual react to their work experiences. (Kenny&Cooprer, 2003) Stress is psychological and physical reaction to specific life events or circumstances. The development of stress starts with life experience and situation that may cause stress. These situations are called stressors such as weddings, football game, job interviews... Not all stressors are negative. Eustress is an example of a good stress. Eustress happens when stressors result in feelings of challenges or…show more content…
Representatives may encounter a scope of physical, mental, and behavioral outcomes as a result of employment anxiety and organizations may in turn be affected by low production quality and quantity, internal conflicts, lack of cooperation, high turnover, and costs associated with sick leave and worker disability. The majorities of studies of investigations of work site anxiety administration projects have concentrated on the usage and assessment of anxiety administration programs in individual organizations. several recent reviews have provided an overview of different types of stress management programs and their effectiveness in modifying health- and job-related outcomes such as absenteeism . The authors discovered associations with stress management programs to be more prone to offer projects that support worker prosperity, well being, and expertise improvement than those without stress management

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