The Importance Of World Peace

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Jealousy, robbery, murder, and war are constant and people ask why we can’t just get along and have world peace. Well, no matter what you try, world peace is impossible to truly obtain. There are many factors to this but the main factors are; people are different, people are emotional, and even if people were all the same they still would perceive themselves either superior or inferior to others.
We live in a world with 6.5 Billion different people. Let us put that into perspective by writing it out, 6,500,000,000 different people, which is grand number of people. Now with these 6.5 billion people, every single one is different. There is not a single person on this planet that is exactly the same as another person. This difference no matter how small will cause friction between people. Take this small amount of friction between people and increase it by a magnitude of 6.5 billion and you are bound to some fire. Not only are people different by person they are also different by social statues. Some people are born into this world or even achieve greatness and wealth were many are not. This will cause, fair or not, jealousy from others. The envy of wanting what others have even if you really don’t want or need it. People just want what everyone else has simply because it is in our human nature. Some people believe that we can overcome our human nature but fail to see what will always bring out our true nature, fear. Fear is one of the biggest reason why true peace can never
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