The Importance Of World Peace

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Growing up will give you a sense of realization and awareness of what the world is really like. As you grow older, you revise the view you formerly had of how we perceived the world to be first-class and everyone was equal. At a young age, I was a positive person who enjoyed the life I was given and thanked God everyday for it. Each morning I woke up, went to school, got an education, returned home and told my mother how much fun I had that day, even though it was the same fun that I had the day before. With each day I gained more information and knowledge from my classes and was eventually able to form my own responsibilities as well as my own opinions about how I personally examine the world. I concluded to the fact that the Earth is actually just a massive war zone and there is an imaginary clock ticking down to the next World War. There is no such thing as world peace. It does not exist and cannot be achieved. People believe that world peace can be achieved overnight. It is an ongoing predicament that requires the cooperation of all, one hundred and ninety six, countries to make it possible (One World Nations, 1998). There are roughly seven billion people in the world, and that number continues to climb. In the year two thousand twenty five we are projected to have a world population of about eight billion (United States Census Bureau, 2014). Do we really believe that peace can be spread amongst seven and eventually, eight billion people? This solitude over everyone
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