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World tourism is considered as a significant factor in the economy of many nations. Today tourism related infrastructure in various parts of the country has improved the quality of life of the local people and helped to promote local arts and crafts. Tourism has contributed to increase awareness about conservation of the environment and the cultural heritage. People have always travelled to distant parts of the world to see monuments, arts and culture, taste new cuisine etc. Tourism has been pivotal in social progress, as well as an important vehicle for widening the socio-economic and cultural contacts throughout human history. It is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries in the world. A wide array of interests-entertainment,…show more content…
(b) Their stay is of a temporary nature in the area visited.
(c) It is essentially a pleasure and recreational activity.
(d) Their stay is not connected with any remunerated activity or an activity involving earnings.
WTO has taken the concept of „tourism‟ beyond a stereo type image of „holiday making‟. The official accepted definition in the report is: “Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment not for leisure, business and other purposes”.
WTO has classified three types of tourism-
a) Domestic Tourism: It consists of residents visiting within their own country. No formalities are required in this kind of travel.
b) Inbound Tourism: Comprises non- residents travelling into a country of their choice.
c) Outbound Tourism: Comprises residents of a nation travelling out to foreign country.
These three basic forms of tourism can be in turn being combined to derive three categories of tourism.
a) Internal Tourism: This comprises domestic and inbound tourism.
b) National Tourism: domestic and outbound tourism.
c) International Tourism: inbound and outbound

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