Spirituality, Scientism, Postmodernism, Pluralism

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Introduction A worldview is a theoretical lens by which an individual views and judges the world around them. A worldview is shaped by personal experience, upbringing, opinions, and personal feelings. A worldview is important because the world around us is complicated and we need some sort of mental processing to make assumptions about things that we may not have experience with. Worldviews are personal and can clash with those who have opposing views, for this reason it is important to discuss the topic with respect and an open mind. This paper will discuss: the definitions of spirituality, scientism, postmodernism, pluralism. prime reality, the nature of the world, what it means to be a human being, what happens after death, what it means to know, morality, and the meaning of human history. What is Spirituality, Scientism, Postmodernism, and Pluralism? The following terms all describe views by which truth can be established. The first term, spirituality means to be concerned with the soul usually associated with religion (Murton, 2018). Spirituality can also be defined as a relationship. The next term, scientism means that truth can only be attained through science and experimentation. Postmodernism is term used to describe a belief that there is no absolute truth. A postmodern view believes conflicting worldviews can both…show more content…
I believe that people are more than just another species of living creatures. Human beings are special, our level of communication and higher order thinking is unlike anything else seen in nature. The impact of humans overshadows anything done by other species. We are special, and this is an important reason for why I have a Christian worldview. We were made in the image of God, and are different than anything else on this planet. We are the only species that searches for meaning and a higher power. I believe this desire for meaning and fulfillment ultimately leads people to

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