The Importance Of Writing A Horror Story

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Writing stories is an art. To be a successful story writer, one needs to be creative minded. But only being a creative minded person does not make you a perfect story writer. For this, you must learn the art of writing, which includes the selection of topic, selection of characters and most importantly environment or more precisely, the place where your story is going to happen and so on.

How To Write A Horror Story With A Twist

Writing a horror story is even a trickier game that needs some extra skills as well. Here we will guide you through to writing a good horror story.

First of all, you need to select your target readers; whether they are kids, grownups or old aged. This is very important, as each age group has its own level of interest. Selection of characters, plot, start and ending of our story will depend upon our target readers.
It is also very important that before you start writing such type of stories you should read some of the famous writers of the same type. But most importantly don’t copy their style; rather create one of your own.
Once you have selected your target readers; you need to select the characters. It is a good option that you yourself become the main character and narrator of the story. This makes the story more interesting and realistic.
Then you need to select other characters around this main character. But the most important thing in your story is the character or the event or the happening from where horror starts. Selection of this
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