Honesty: A Short Story

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I am not very fond of letters, I think I read what is necessary and I write as brief as possible, only when it comes to school assignments I try to develop both activities in a better way. Being honest I do not see myself as a writer, my reading or writing has never been strong, so I think I do not see myself developing that profession, on the other hand, I clearly remember how I started reading and I can say that it was even a bit traumatic. In my first years of school I was very good at math, I was very smart and I got excellent grades, but in writing it was a different story ... I was terrible and it took me a lot to learn to express my ideas through letters, so much so that my parents made me repeat a year of school and in high school I…show more content…
When I hear the term writer I am reminded of the images of an elderly man sitting on an old chair next to a helpless desk, writing on a very old typewriter near a window, through which little light enters, the man in question has large glasses and plays each letter very slowly and calmly, as if he were making time while waiting for the right idea to arrive. Yes, my thought is unique, but that's what came to my mind honestly.
And when I try to think of myself as a writer, my brain laughs at myself and tells me; "As a writer, I will be a total failure", "As a writer, I have no future" or "As a writer I will not even write the title".
I do not like romantic novels and when I read something (very little) I enjoy fiction, comics and graphic novels.
Generally, I did not write any kind of writing outside of school, I do not write any blog or personal diary, I do not write poetry or stories, in short, I do not write much and when I do it through social networks or text messages it's always something very short and concise, I always go for the visual and
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In general, I would like to improve the editing and revision of the texts I write, I think it is very important in any work I do and I have a big deficit in this part of the writing process, that's why I would like to improve this those aspects.
• Did any of these expectations in the document surprise you?
No, I have always believed that education in a school is bilateral, and that we work together, and both parties must strive to obtain better results.
• Do you agree or disagree with this list of expectations? Why?
As I mentioned earlier, the best way to achieve quality learning is to work together, so we have expectations and tasks from both parties, I believe that the expectations presented in the document are very conscious and try that both students and instructors are committed to learning in an arduous and committed way. I just hope they are very understanding because I am very new in this and I have not felt so much affinity with writing, but it is in my favor that I always try hard with my tasks.
• What expectations do you have for how instructors and classmates treat your
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