Reflective Essay: How Writing Has Changed My Life

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Throughout my whole life, I never took an interest t writing. I would only write whenever I needed to. I never thought about making it into a hobby, or tried to actually express my thoughts into words. Writing is just something that comes easy to me. If I get a subject or person to write about, I can write two pages in ten minutes because I’m able to elaborate on topics well. If only I was as serious about writing like some other people are, I’ll probably be really good at it. I never found an interest into it when I was younger, so that’s why it’s hard for me to be interested now. My writing has changed dramatically over the years whenever I really apply myself to it.
I can honestly say that I have improved my writing since junior high to
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When I was younger, I never wanted to write in the first place, so I would never check my work after I was finished. It made sense why I would make only average grades, because I would not check my work and miss on correcting so many mistakes. Revising and editing your work is a big key, because it can only make your paper better. You are so prone to catching mistakes you didn’t know about. Sometimes, it helps a lot for someone else to critique your paper just so you can get someone other than your own opinion. Writing in college is way more complex than writing in high school. I always have to make sure that I revise and edit my papers now, because it’s crucial not too. Usually whenever I edit, I use a highlighter to mark out the text I need to correct. I also use tools that help correct my grammar and help me find misused words and punctuations. I learned to reread your new and improved work as also. You can still catch something wrong that you didn’t before. Revising and editing is a tip I do everytime I write, and I will continue to do this this tip for as long as I can. It is so crucial to do this because if not, your paper won’t be the best that it can be.
In college comp I want to improve even more on my writing. I would like to learn more tips to writing and fix up my mistakes too. I want to better my knowledge with more words that I can use in my essays. Repeating words is a bad habit I need to change. Another thing I want to improve in, is just writing and sounding smoother with my words. I want it to be easy to understand what I’m trying to say. I need to get better at reading books then writing about them. It’s difficult for me to read the book than talk about it. I can easily talk about a person or topic after doing research, but books are hard to
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