The Importance Of Writing In English

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The main purpose of teaching English in junior high school is to develop students’ communicative competence both in spoken and written language. In this case, there are four basic skills which students acquire in learning English, they are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening and reading are receptive skills and speaking and writing are productive skills. Productive skills are considered to be more complicated than receptive skills, because students need to produce language in their own words. As a productive skill, teaching writing needs a lot of time, and the teacher should be creative to choose an approach, method, and strategy.
Writing is considered by many to be the most difficult and complex skill. It is therefore placed in the last teaching after students have learned the other language skill. White (1986) argued that teaching writing are more complicated and it takes more times than teaching other subject. Accordingly, Knapp and Watkins (2005, p. 14) state that “Learning to write is a difficult and complex series of processes that require a range of explicit teaching methodologies throughout all the stages of learning”.
In addition, Richards and Renandya (2000, p. 303) described that writing is the most difficult skill for the second learners to master. In other words, writing for the second language learners are difficult which most of them have no basic skill about English.
Based on these explanations, teaching writing to the students is more
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