The Importance Of Writing In Everyday Life

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The Importance of Writing:Writing is in Everyday Life In the article In Real World Writing: What Employers Expect, by Cynthia Linville she discusses that writing is extremely relevant for the job field, although this is true she does not touch on how writing is important in the past, present and future. Linville talks about how almost all jobs require an intense amount of writing and how through the years college graduates writing skills are declining. I find that unbelievable because students start writing in the beginning of grade school because writing is greatly important in this society. Writing has been important in my past, present, and will be in my future.
First, my past with writing has been jarring due to the fact that I could not read in first grade and was drastically behind. Since I could not read I
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Cynthia Linville states how “poorly written letters wouldn 't get an interview” (National 10 qtd. In Linville,1). How are you supposed to land an interview when your application gets thrown out because of all the grammar and spelling errors. Writing is important just to get a foot in the door of a workplace. Then, if I do get the job, there will be emailing and paperwork displaying my writing skills. It is important to me that my writing skills are excellent before entering the job field and being laughed at for not knowing the correct “your”. I know writing will be extremely crucial in my future if I want a decent career. Writing is an essential job skill. It is important to me, to make sure I am a decent writer, before entering the career field. I want a chance and with good writing, I will have a chance. “My view is that good writing is a sign of good thinking. Writing that is persuasive, logical and orderly is impressive”(Linville,2). Writing is important because your peers and coworkers will distinguish the level of your intelligence off your
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