The Importance Of Writing In Higher Education

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The aim of this introductory chapter is to establish the theoretical and the contextual background for the study. In the first part of this chapter, the significance of writing in higher education contexts is highlighted. The second part describes features of the Omani educational context with a particular focus on the importance of writing in the context of the foundation programme. This will be followed by the rationale for the study and its objectives, the research questions, and finally the thesis structure. 1.2 Writing in the higher education context (get ideas from Rahma’s book) Student writing in higher education is at the heart of teaching and learning and it serves a variety of purposes in different contexts (Coffin et al. 2003: 2). These purposes include it assessment", such as producing an essay for an exam; "learning", i. e. disciplinary-oriented knowledge; "entering particular disciplinary communities" whose writing norms and conventions students have to attempt "to approximate" as they progress in their studies (ibid. ). These purposes, as they are set out by Coffin et al. can apply to any higher educational context. However, since the present study is based in an EFL context; it will be worth looking at how these very purposes of writing apply to this context, more specifically to the EFL writing of foundation year students studying English. EFL writing purposes consist of: • “assessment": students have to take written exams which require them to produce
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