The Importance Of Writing In Writing

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Through all the years of writing I have recognized that I believed writing is all about following the rules. I have held back from truly expressing myself because I focus on following the rules too much. These rules I never thought to impact my writing have also affected other student 's writing styles. I am choosing to discuss where I believe I have learned to follow certain writing rules and rules in general while using personal experiences. I will address why instructors tend to grade and focus on such insignificant rules rather than teaching better writing skills. Through a whole lifetime of following rules, I 'm going to explain why rule following should be left behind when writing. The act of rule following refers to an individual obeying a certain guide of regulations made to set principles. While I think back to how long I have been taught to follow rules I discovered that It was during the toddler age. The first people that initiated rule following in my life were my parents. It would be safe to say that the first people to introduce the importance of following the rules would be a parental figure for most. From my childhood to being in school I discovered that adult figures gave more attention to those who followed their rules. As a second grader I was given rewards when I didn’t speak while the teacher was talking. I conformed to all the expectations created by all my previous instructors. Now whether or not people believe rules should be followed or not
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