Reflective Essay On Following Rules

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Through all the years of writing I have recognized that I believed writing is all about following the rules. I have held back from truly expressing myself because I focus on following the rules too much. These rules I never thought to impact my writing have also affected other student 's writing styles. I am choosing to discuss where I believe I have learned to follow certain writing rules and rules in general while using personal experiences. I will address why instructors tend to grade and focus on such insignificant rules rather than teaching better writing skills. Through a whole lifetime of following rules, I 'm going to explain why rule following should be left behind when writing.

The act of rule following refers to an individual obeying a certain guide of
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Has it ever been a good thing to not follow the rules? I find that when I don 't worry about my essays containing all the regulations it becomes more enjoyable to express myself. In my first essay I demonstrate how much of an inexperienced writer I really am. I have to admit that in my first essay I wasn 't enjoying my writing as much as I should have. I didn 't really focus on how important it was to express myself. The rules that we have learned express solid advice but if writers constantly follow them their material becomes content that no one cares to read. I don’t follow the rules because through the process I develop a unique writing style I find appealing. When I say I don 't follow the rules, I don’t refer to just punctuation and grammar. I am referring to the old sayings such as; show don 't tell and to never repeat the same word in the same sentence. To others I suggest to not follow all the rules that are said to come with writing so they have the opportunity to enjoy the process more than they thought they would. It 's so fun to discover how easy it is to express your thoughts when you do things your own
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