The Importance Of Writing

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As foreign language learners, college students are really expected to master the four major skills of English: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Those skills need to be developed by students because each of them has its significance and importance. Therefore, acquiring those skills have to be balanced. Students must be competent in English not only in the oral skills, but also in the written skills. The focus of this research is writing skill.
Writing is really needed to master by students because writing is a good way to develop students’ ability of using vocabulary and grammar and increasing the ability of using language (Nguyen, 2015). It can be seen that for language learners, writing is not only a way to express ideas, thought, opinion, philosophy, and feeling, but also to develop and increase their ability of using vocabulary, grammar, and language. This means that writing gives a good impact for students to develop their ability of English.
The second year-college students of Universitas Negeri Padang are in the middle level which they should already have competence in writing conventionally or writing in academic style. Clearly, they are required to make a paper or thesis as the final project to graduate from their study. As paper or thesis cannot be written carelessly, the second year-college students have to train themselves to be able to write in scientific way before making the final project. Undoubtedly, the ability to write in scientific way has to be

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