The Importance Of Writing Skills

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2. Written Communication Skills:
Writing skill has to be improved only at secondary level education. In this context, workbooks enhance the necessary skills among the students for the writing part of English language. L.A. Hill in his essay, “Principles of Good Writing” states: “You learn to write by writing. It is no good waiting until you have an inspiration before you write” (Hill, 30). Through persistent diligence, one can develop writing skills when it becomes a habit. Most of the prominent companies complaint that the employees are unable to communicate well through drafting.
The activities that the student has to focus to improve writing skills are Letter-writing, Emails, Report writing, Essay writing, Proposals, etc.
a) Letter Writing: Letter writing helps job-seekers to communicate effectively. It helps them in communicating the official information at work place. While making business dealings, if a person exhibits good drafting skills, it represents company 's image and his proficiency in English communication skills. Though the aspirants may not write a letter for communication, at least they have to learn how to write a cover letter while applying for a job along with Resume.
b) Emails: In today 's campus drives, some companies are testing the writing skills of a student by giving Email exercises while conducting online tests. As an employee, a person has to share much information with superiors and subordinates through emails in the information age.

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