The Importance Of Writing: The Eight Habits Of Mind

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Part 1: In college, it is very important to know the eight habits of mind when it comes to writing papers. The eight habits of mind are curiosity, openness, engagement, creativity, persistence, responsibility, felxibility, and metacognition.First, Curiosity is “the desire to know more about the world.” I think I am curious about certain things in this world but there are other things am I not. That sometimes makes writing hard because it is importnat to be curious about the topic that you are writing about. The next habit of mind is openness which is the being able to “consider new ways of being and thinking in the world.” I think I express this very well in my writing because throughout this course I have had to learn new ways to write and think just to learn how to write these different kind of papers. I also believe openness is importnat in everything. Next is engagement, this is “a sense of investment and involvement in learning.” In my papers I think I have shown involvement. In the rehtorical essay I spent a lot of time putting that together and enjoyed learning about that particular style of learning. Creativity is “the ability to use novel approaches for generating, investagating adn representing ideas.” This is what I lack in papers can sometimes put a creative intro in my paper but it is usually only when I love the topic. I also struggle putting authors together and creating a new idea and piecing them together. I…show more content…
For me, my learning is differnt because I am both a highschool and college student. It is very difficult to be both at the same time because they are very different. I believe high school almost ruins you in college because everything is spoon fed to students. In my learning I want to change my creativity beacuase being creative makes learning more fun and it is a skill that can be used in every subject and in everything not just

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