Teaching Aids In The Classroom

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Introduction Education plays an important role in producing high quality of students to develop students’ abilities in many aspects based on 21st century. To successfully prepare high quality of students, teacher needs to know ways to achieve it. One of the ways to achieve it is by knowing the important of having suitable teaching aids for the teachers to teach in the classroom. According to (Akram & Malik, 2012) teaching aids that are widely used by teachers, guide, facilitators and tutors to complement their words that ultimately helps learner to improve learning and to stay focused, clear and curious always. The uses of teaching aids are very important and teacher needs to challenge him/herself to try something new on the teaching…show more content…
The game usually played by 1 night 2 days in Korea. The purpose of this game is to decide on doing something especially when we have multiple of choices of the things to do in our life. It is purely based on our luck in playing this game. It consists five different routes that has been labeled (A, B, C, D and E) and at the end of each routes it has distinct color of envelops. In this seminar, every group needs to send one representative to play this game in front. Assuming they are walking through these routes from the top to bottom by showing on the manila card that consist of the five routes which had been pasted on the whiteboard. In each envelops, it contains the task or activities that we can do with our students. For this seminar, we choose to do some activities based on the science subject such as related to the measurements, conductor, and insulator, things that can float and sink. . If they cannot give the correct answer, their marks will be deducted. . If we put heavy task or activities for students do but we scared do not have enough time to run this game, we can reduce the number of routes and envelops. To make it more interesting, we decided to put a bomb card in the one out of five envelops. Anyone who gets the bomb card, their group will get penalty. To remove the penalty, they need to answer the statement given by the presenter whether it is true or false statement. “Sadari game” is an interesting game that can be one of the written teaching aids for prospective teacher. It is because, the game can promote students to learn and stay curious in learning session. The game is easily to play and it can be used as a written aid for prospective teacher to attract student’s interest in learning process want to do activity by having this activity in the
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