The Importance Of Written Aid In Education

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Introduction Education plays an important role in producing high quality of students to develop students’ abilities in many aspects based on 21st century. To successfully prepare high quality of students, teacher needs to know ways to achieve it. One of the ways to achieve it is by knowing the important of having suitable teaching aids for the teachers to teach in the classroom. According to (Akram & Malik, 2012) teaching aids that are widely used by teachers, guide, facilitators and tutors to complement their words that ultimately helps learner to improve learning and to stay focused, clear and curious always. The uses of teaching aids are very important and teacher needs to challenge him/herself to try something new on the teaching aids in order to attract students’ interest effectively. Teaching science using written aids sound boring but it is important because most of the times students are dealing with words in learning especially in learning science it has scientific words that students need to understand. Written is a past participle of write, write is to make letters or numbers on a surface, especially using a pen or pencil whereas aid is something, especially a piece of equipment, that helps you do something. (Advanced English Dictionary, 2009). Written aid is tool consist characters that help in learning process. By having some invention or innovation on the old written aids, it can help students to articulate what they are learning in 21st century

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