The Importance Of Written Communication

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Communication is described as the transfer or the exchange of message, emotions, thoughts, knowledge and by the use of symbol through different ways, time and place(Zilliğlu, 2006). Communication is the transmission of information which is not necessarily received or understood and act upon it (Little John and Foss, 2008:3). Through the communication process a message is sent to the receiver. The mesasage sent can be code in several ways by the channel of communication. According to Kaul. 2004:2) every communication has certain elements which are considered to be very essential. These elements consist of: message, sender, receiver, channel and feedback. Communication includes writing and talking as well as non-verbal communication that is body language and gestures. It also includes visual communication ( the use of photographs or painting, video and films) and electronic communication which includes information being received or send through the means of telephone calls, electronic mail, cable television. The verbal communication contains oral and written communication between people using words in speaking, writing, reading and listening (Erasmus, Albin and Donawon, 1998: 8). According to Hughes (2003: 21), it is important to have clarified in verbal communication and it requires attention to personal dynamics. Written communication Written communication includes writings such as letters, memorandums, reports, notice on boards and diagrams( Sri Jin and Sunitti, 2009:
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