The Importance Of Written Writing

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This unit on records detailed the importance of using critical reading skills and a good vocabulary to select fundamental and meaningful parts of information in a written article, so that one can reproduce and essentially decrease/increase its length in accordance with the requirements of their business. It may be a duty of a manager, a secretary or an administrator, to distribute wellwritten articles that emphasise the main facts of a communication to employees.
Précis writing is the technique used to summarise a written piece such as a report, by condensing it down to the main points and removing anything that is not needed or unimportant. The re-written article must be in the writer’s own words, although certain things like names, dates
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It is necessary for the writer to know when several words or lengthy phrases can be reduced to fewer words that mean the same thing - this is writing in taut style. A good reproduced piece of work, which might be a memorandum for instance, should be clear and conveying of the original message but effectively in a shorter form. A memorandum (or memo) is a brief and often less formal message to be transferred from one department to another.
When condensing lengthy passages, it can be useful to highlight useful parts of information as one thoroughly reads and re-reads through it. All the central sentences must be recognised. Then the different sections can be indexed along with the main points within each section. Again, shortening phrases and ignoring irrelevant sentences is essential at this stage. All these shortened points can be linked together to produce a unified passage, perhaps around one third of the length of the original. In business, a formal and literary précis style is normally necessary for written communications because it is more professional and respectful. Reports, memos and letters are usually structured
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With further refinement, the draft can be made into a final copy. Even the draft writing stage could be cut out with more experience. Selecting the relevant material and ignoring the irrelevant is essential, especially in an instance where a secretary takes minutes of meetings. This is where the final decisions are recorded during a meeting between managers and, writing in the past tense, the record can be expanded to a fuller conclusion rather than producing a report of the whole debate.
Opposite to précis writing, a business person may be required to expand on information within a shortened document or from notes. This would be to produce a report or letter in a more complete, formal manner for distribution. The writer should be careful to use correct language and tone, and ensure that it achieves its aim. Good writing can be developed by examining and constructively criticising various works. It is often necessary to change styles depending on the intention of the communication, such as to inform, persuade or enquire, and it is always beneficial to write in such a way that shows courtesy while avoiding insincerity and
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