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Whether YA novels should be read by teens is a controversial topic. YA novels are for and about teens ages 12 through 18 and generally cover frightening topics that are actively debated about in society. Many people argue that the topics in young adult (YA) novels are too disturbing for teens but those people are mistaken. YA novels are beneficial for adolescents to read.
Reading YA novels can help students who are going through tough times of their own. Many teenagers can relate to the stories because for them they are not stories. Many teens live in these horrific conditions that YA novels portray, which can include bullying, sex, suicide, abusive parents, and abortion. Reading about other teenagers who go through these times help them. According to Ms. Ross, a White Plains High School librarian, "Books can be a great way to cope with difficult situations." For example, a Porchester High School student said that when he read Eliza and Her Monsters he related
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This however is untrue. YA novels portray situations that are happening in many teens’ lives right now. For instance, my brother, who is 12 years old said that he related to Wonder because he felt like an outcast with a small support system, which follows the same storyline as Wonder. The story lines in YA books could be happening to anyone and the basis that it’s unrealistic is ridiculous, the people who say that these story lines are unrealistic have never seen the problems that many teens have to deal with, and how YA novels can help them deal with their difficult conditions.
To conclude, reading YA novels is advantageous for adolescents. It can help teens deal with their difficult lives, while being entertained by the storylines in YA novels. Parents, I urge you to buy your kids YA novels, and buy a copy for yourself as well. Talk about the books with your child and see for yourself how YA novels can be beneficial for your
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