The Importance Of Yoruba Art

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Art is really hard to explain, as what Picasso wrote,that we who are trying to explain pictures are usually barking up the wrong tree,saying that we all have our own meanings, definitions and symbols. It doesn’t mean that if we have a different judgment to an art that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to manipulate ideas and conventions. Its because according to Clifford Geertz, people don’t stop talking about art simply because the importance of art enables us to talk about it and makes us gather more ideas making us realize that we all have different experiences and beliefs in life.. For example is the Yoruba art of the west Africa, Clifford stated that what would happen if the Yoruba society back then didn’t have concern of the thinness of lines that they are carving, simply because that is what made them “Yoruba”. their own definition of art themselves is what makes their society work. knowing the role of art is the same as what it is, because sometimes art does contribute to our necessities.for others art is entertainment wherein we look for the purpose of the art itself knowing the reason for it.simply a way of expressing their own thoughts and ideas in order for the viewers to understand the way they look at it based on their experiences. For example is the fifteenth-century Italian paintings that were considered to be religious but not simply because of the idea itself but also in the fact that they were made to express and to serve. The pictures made by the artists

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