Clifford Geertz: The Role Of Art

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Art is really hard to explain, as what Picasso wrote,that we who are trying to explain pictures are usually barking up the wrong tree,saying that we all have our own meanings, definitions and symbols. It doesn’t mean that if we have a different judgment to an art that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to manipulate ideas and conventions. Its because according to Clifford Geertz, people don’t stop talking about art simply because the importance of art enables us to talk about it and makes us gather more ideas making us realize that we all have different experiences and beliefs in life.. For example is the Yoruba art of the west Africa, Clifford stated that what would happen if the Yoruba society back then didn’t have concern of the thinness of…show more content…
Simply stating the role of an art is quite excessive and really depends on the viewers themselves. The artists was not concerned of the conciseness of the images, but was concerned more of how will he be able to attract viewers and make them curious of the things they should know from the images he created. The role of art really depends on the artists themselves from what culture they are living and the experiences they have faced along their journey. Skills are somehow related on how the beholder and the painter sees the artwork itself, drawn from their personal experiences in which the society he lives in may have been an influence.. Knowing the significance of art is also important, it is because whenever you know how important art is you’ll be curious enough to simply study art. It is somehow the basis of it. Knowing how important art will enable you to be curious of it. Some people don’t know the importance of art because they have a different thinking of what art really is. If you ask a typical student if what is art for them, they will simply say paintings such as the Mona

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