Persuasive Essay On The Walking Dead

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In today’s society, it is nearly impossible to go a few weeks, let alone months, without hearing about a new zombie themed movie or book. Our world today seems completely enthralled with all things apocalyptic and zombie related. Nearly everyone has seen an episode of The Walking Dead, or at the very least heard of it, considering it’s working on its eighth season right now with each episode reaching millions of people. Zombies are a trendy topic in our society today, but why? What is our culture's obsession with the living dead? We are so interested in zombies, because we are the zombies. Today’s world is full of things that are not good for us; air pollution, war, cancer, deforestation, and homelessness, just to name a few. The root cause of nearly all of these things can be traced back to humans, however most people…show more content…
The stragglers are paralyzed in the memory of what used to be, unable to free themselves from their own minds. Members of our society today are constantly scrolling through their phones, always connected to a power source. We are so engrossed in others’ lives online, that we can barely hold a conversation with the person sitting in front of us. Just like the stragglers, we are unable to break free from the chains of likes, tweets, and favorites long enough to know what’s going on around us. We are very unaware of the destruction we are causing. We are in our own little worlds, unconcerned with the environment around us. It is easy for us to write movies and books about zombies, because it is a way for us to talk about the destruction that is happening, or could happen in the future, without specifically pointing the finger at ourselves. We are floating through this world, only concerned with the number of likes we can get on a picture. Instead of worrying about stopping the hatred within our world, or feeding the millions of children who are starving

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